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SLP Mommy of Apraxia: A Mother's Day tribute

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Mother's Day tribute

It starts with a dream.

You meticulously plan for the arrival.

You fall in love again.

And again, forgetting any pain you previously experienced because you are overtaken with love.

You sacrifice your sleep, to ensure theirs.

And though you are sleep deprived you hug them tighter because you know these moments won't last.

You diaper them and bathe them through tired eyes.....

but you still smile because there might not be anything cuter than them in their hoodie towel.

Until they giggle......

And giggle more....

And you thank God for them as you kiss their open smile.

You feed them before yourself.

Bundle them up to keep them warm.

And you cry like a baby when you leave them to go back to work.......

........and when they graduate to their big bed..........

...........and the first time they put their backpack on ready for school.

You hope to instill a love of learning.

You delight in their first ride on the swing.

You transport them to their swim lessons.

You pack up bags upon bags to give them adventures

And your heart melts when you see your big strong husband wrap his arm protectively around them.

You instantly understand the true love of your mother...and her mother

And you look on incredulously when you remember the four year old with her parents in this picture.....

Is now the mother of the four year old in this picture with her grandparents.

This Mother's Day, let us honor that which unites all mothers! 

Happy Mother's Day!



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