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SLP Mommy of Apraxia: Nine year old Katie with apraxia sings "Brave" and dedicates it to Ashlynn :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Nine year old Katie with apraxia sings "Brave" and dedicates it to Ashlynn :)

CASANA has a parent support group on facebook called APRAXIA-KIDS - Every Child Deserves a Voice.  If you have a child with apraxia, I highly recommend joining this group. Sharon Gretz, the founder of CASANA, is an active member, but there are also other SLP's, advocates, educators, and of course parents who care about these little ones.

I recently vented to the group about my sadness over the park incident, but then shared my blog post about hearing the song "Brave" and how it made me feel better.  A parent to a nine year old girl sent me the following note:

when Katie was diagnosed at 2 1/2 with CAS she was 

considered severe and significantly delayed. She just turned 

9. She told me to tell you this song is dedicated to Ashlynn. 


The video is her daughter singing "Brave!"  How awesome is that?  So inspiring for all of us with little ones who are struggling to talk.  

Katie sings beautifully.  All the therapy, all the tears, all the sadness her mother felt are a distant memory when you hear her sing.  Katie found her voice and then some!  Ashlynn loved the video and told me, "sing dood."  Yes, Ashlynn, Katie sure sings good and YOU will too some day :)

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