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SLP Mommy of Apraxia: Her first "favorite"

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Her first "favorite"

Kids always seem to have a favorite flavor of the week. Parents probably promote this. What is your favorite color? What was your favorite animal at the zoo? What was your favorite candy you received on Halloween? What is your favorite TV show, movie, toy, food, dessert etc etc. if Ashlynn has ever been partial to anything, we have never known, until last weekend.

We went on a mini vacation basically planned around kid activities. Who knew that becoming a parent would also drastically change your idea of a dream vacation! We went down to our favorite Embassy Suites. There is a separation of the living room and bedroom so we can put our kids to bed and still have some quality time together, free happy hour for the parents, and free hot buffet breakfast for picky kids who have their choice of anything and everything to eat at no cost to us!

A pool for free swimming and hot tubbing is a bonus, and it's next to a bunch of family friendly places, like the Cheyenne mtn zoo. Oh, and it's also next to kid friendly restaurants like Old Chicago and TGI Fridays.

Coming back from the zoo my husband and I were full of "favorite" questions. "What was your favorite animal Ashlynn?" "Did you have fun?" "What was your favorite part?" She didn't really answer. As we got closer to the hotel, she inquired, "Where we goin?" We answered back to the hotel....and that's when we heard it. We heard her first favorite anything in that moment when she was 4.3.

"Yes? That hotel's my favorite!"

My husband laughed and verified, "That hotel's your favorite?"

"Yeah!" she replied.

He turned to me and said aloud what I was already thinking, "That was the first time she's ever said anything was her favorite!"

I don't think many parents with of typically developing kiddos remember what they said was their first favorite. I don't know my 19 month old sons yet, but I also am confident I won't be waiting two more years to hear his favorite anything. With Ashlynn though, we just have always wanted to know her thoughts, her dreams, her fears, her favorites! We knew she liked that hotel as she has been to it at least four times prior, but hearing it was her favorite was just something special that's hard to describe. It's like we finally get to HEAR these things in her own words, and not just from her smile.

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At March 3, 2014 at 7:02 AM , Anonymous Kate said...

I LOVE this post. Of course I can relate but I also am so happy for you! I can't wait until Cooper has a favorite. And I think I will probably shout if from the rooftops when he decides that he want's to share it with me! Great moment mama!


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