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SLP Mommy of Apraxia: For once I went to school, and I heard only positives

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

For once I went to school, and I heard only positives

Let's face it.  Being a parent is rough.  Whether you have a child with special needs or not, we all want for their happiness, that they will feel successful, that they will be confident, and that they will never hurt.  Of course we know that without trials they cannot fully appreciate the successes, without sadness they could never fully experience complete happiness, without hurt they simply wouldn't be human. 

School has been an absolute blessing for Ashlynn, my social butterfly.  She never let her limited speech hinder any of her relationships.  In fact, her first word was 'hi' and it was all she needed.  She could and still can engage anyone with that simple word and her beautiful smile, and they are hooked. 


That's why it was so hard to go to IEP meetings, parent teacher conferences, and get reports from her teachers and therapists.  No matter how many positives were relayed, we always sit there waiting for the


She is so happy and works so hard,


She is friendly, sociable, and loving


She is an absolute joy


I'm not gonna lie.  The "buts" hurt.  It really doesn't matter if they are framed around 100 glowing adjectives, the "buts" can be overwhelming.  Especially when for one child she needs a

speech therapist
occupational therapist
physical therapist
special education teacher
social worker

They all come with their own set of "buts." 

Today though was different!!  Today, her last day of Pre-K, there were no "buts."  Today, as I picked her up, I heard this:

Teacher: "I have been blessed having Ashlynn is my class."
Social Worker: "Ashlynn is the sweetest, kindest child. She is friends with everyone, and everyone is friends with her."
Another parent: "My son told me this morning he was really going to miss Ashlynn. When I asked him what he would miss, he told me her laugh."

It just brings tears to my eyes. There's no standard score or percentile for that....but if there were she would be way above average. 

Ashlynn is my sweet, kind, loving, daughter who blesses those around her with her smile, her laugh, and her friendship.

No buts about it.

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