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SLP Mommy of Apraxia: Language with a loom

Friday, July 25, 2014

Language with a loom

OT and PTs can have fun and creative activities for children. They provide good tactile and/or sensory activities that can also be great for practicing speech and language at the same time. 

This loom idea from the Inspired Treehouse is a perfect example! For instructions on this easy to make loom check it out here! http://theinspiredtreehouse.com/fine-motor-activities-simple-outdoor-weaving-loom/

We started first by cutting strips of material...a good fine motor activity. When my kids are cutting I have them say something for each cut. You can just make the /k/ sound, say "cut" if you're working on initial /k/, final /t/, or on your CVC syllable shapes for apraxia therapy. For Ashlynn, we said "snip" since we are working in CCVC syllable shapes, including /s/ blends. 

You could also practice sentences that you could set to song like "Are you sleeping" but sing "Are you cutting, are you cutting, yes I am!" 

Melodic intonation therapy like this is easy and fun for parents to do at home!

Next, we set our sites on weaving. This activity is great for locational words such as: top, middle, bottom, under, over, up. Kids with language processing deficits frequently have difficultly with comprehension and following directions that include these concepts. 

Ashlynn kept wanting to start in the middle of the loom and I had to keep reminding her and showing her to start at the bottom. Then while we were weaving we chanted "in then out, in then out" to get practice with these concepts; however you could also practice saying just "in" or "out" or "up" if you're working on VC syllable shapes.

When you're done you can give silly directions like, "throw the ball OVER the loom" or "roll the ball "UNDER" the loom. 

We made this over a course of two days and now the kids have a little hideaway in the backyard!

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