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SLP Mommy of Apraxia: You play dirt with me?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You play dirt with me?

We took our annual Fourth of July camping trip to Glendo State Reservoir in Wyoming.   It's a family tradition, so I decided to document her progress each year.  Last year's experience can be found here: Glendo 2013
This was only a few short days after our near drowning incident at her pool during swimming lessons.

Glendo is a HUGE reservoir, and a lot of our time involves the beach.  I was worried about Ashlynn's safety, and also if she would be too scared to go in the water.  The first day she kept her distance from the shoreline; however, the second day she walked to the shoreline and was watching her dad who was floating in the water maybe 10 feet away. Sensing she wanted to come in, he held out his arms.  I didn't see him at first and my sister motioned to me that it looked like she was going to go in.  I went running to her, but stopped just short behind her.

I saw my husband with arms outstretched encouraging her to come to him, and then I saw her little shoulders rise up big as she took a deep breath, and she marched in the water.  She marched through the waves, keeping her balance, until she fell into his arms with a big smile upon her face.  He hoisted her up into a floaty with him to enjoy floating in the water under the warm sunshine.

I looked on in awe.  She's so brave.  Her character is quite astounding to me, and I'm her mother.  She faces challenges, fears, and obstacles head on.  She never gives up. She is determined and resilient.

She also of course, rode our jet ski.  I wrote last year that she asked, "Ashlylnn play boats with daddy?" and this year, she announced proudly after riding, "I ride the je-si huh!"

One of her favorite requests this year was, "you play dirt with me?"  imploring anyone who would listen to play in the sand with her.  No one had the heart to say no, so she made quite a few friends and suckered in quite a few family members!

When it was time for fireworks, Ashlynn has historically stayed in the car.  However, this year, she again put on a brave face and ended up enjoying the show!  At times she would say, "that was too close!!!" but she never went back in the truck.

I like documenting some of her milestones on the Fourth of July, Independence Day.  It's so fitting since each year she becomes more and more independent.

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