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SLP Mommy of Apraxia: Minimal pair sort

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Minimal pair sort

I have a little guy in therapy right now who has a difficult time with /st/ blends.  He consistently drops the /s/ in this blend only.  To bring awareness to what he saying, SLP's many times employ what is referred to as "minimal pair" therapy.

Minimal pairs are two words that are similar except for one sound.  Many times, minimal pairs rhyme if the only sound changed occurs at the beginning of the word.

In this case, I created five minimal pairs found hereST MINIMAL PAIRS

I had him sort all initial /t/ words first.  He then traced his finger on the /s/ while making his "hissing sound" and then said the word.

For example: "ssssssssssssss....tool."  I then asked him what word he said, and we added the minimal pair "stool."

Having him physically sort the pictures and use his finger to trace the /s/ has a purpose.  Research is showing an increased connection between our hands and mouth.  (Think of when you're trying to find a word you might circle your fingers etc).

Having the child use their hands adds another pathway to the brain to aid in recall!

Finally, save this tray because the possibilities are endless and I will have more ideas in the future.

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