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SLP Mommy of Apraxia: Back to school speech folders.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to school speech folders.

I'm in a new district, a new school, and with a new bunch of kids this year!  One thing I've always done the first week is have the kids make their own "speech folder."

Kids love decorating their own folder!  I start with a long piece of construction paper that come pretty standard in most schools. 

I then whipped up three template pages the kids can write on and then glue onto their folder.

The first page starts out with them writing their name, and then they glue it on the front cover.

Aside from their name, the second page I consider the most important.  It has the child think about WHY they come to speech.  I think it's important to start the year discussing the child's goals so they can be an active participant in their learning! 

This page also has them tell one fun fact about themselves, which always gets them talking! 

Finally, the last page contains their teacher's name and their favorite subject.  If there is time, I let the kids color and decorate it.
I have always found this activity to be a great first session activity, and works for really all age groups.   Hope you all like it too! 
I'm only going to offer it free on my TpT store today, so if you are interested.  Snag it now!
Happy Back to School!

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