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SLP Mommy of Apraxia: God Bless Grandma Green

Monday, October 7, 2013

God Bless Grandma Green

Ashlynn's Great Grandma Green has been out for about a week now visiting. This isn't the first time Ashlynn has met Grandma Green. She usually comes out in October each year to stay with Ashlynn's Grandma Smith who is of course her daughter. 

Last year she bought Ashlynn a dress for her Birthday that was purple with big colored polka dots that was instantly her favorite. Unfortunately, at that time, Ashlynn didn't have many words. She couldn't really express how much she loved the dress (besides pointing to it when she saw it in the closet), she couldn't say I love you, and actually, she couldn't say grandma and mama the same way at that time, which meant she couldn't even expressively differentiate between any of the maternal women in her life.

This year though, is different. Oh what a difference a year makes. Grandma Green has only been here a week, but each day I picked Ashlynn up after work, she was sitting as close to her hip as possible. Today, circumstance would have it that she could go out to lunch with just her and her two Grandma's. When she got back, she once again kept trying to get close to Grandma Green, asking her, "Read this book?" Or "Ashlynn sit here?" She still confuses names, and in a sentence may call Grandma "Mama" or Grandma Green (Dama Deen ) "Grandma Smith (Dama Smi)." We all would have to pause frequently saying, "wait, who am I?" 

However, there was no mistaking tonight who made a guest appearance in her nightly prayers. We usually go through and say, "God bless daddy, mommy, Jace, and Sahara." Then, depending on the day and who she was with, I add names of the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. Half the time I have to remind her to include Cody and I!

Well tonight, I started out, "God bless....." As I waited for her to fill in the blank, out popped "Dama Deen." I couldn't believe it! She has never added anyone novel before without me modeling it first! Heck, half the time she forgets her parents or Jace! Well, tonight, she finally had found the words to express her love for Grandma Green, in a simple prayer to our Heavenly Father. I really don't know how much bigger it gets than that. 

She still has few words, but with them, she expresses profound things.  God bless "Dama Deen."

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